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Your root chakra is a powerful energy processing center that lives in the foundation of your body and at the base of your chakra system governing the experience of feeling grounded, safe & connected. Like any structural foundation, if it is not optimally supported, it will affect your whole architecture of Self greatly. Explored in this episode is how to deificer imbalances in this chakra such as excesses & deficiencies, and the life experiences that cause them. Also covered are the psychological developmental stages of this chakra and concrete practices & lifestyle choices you can make to bring this chakra into greater health. This chakra correlates to abundance both finacially & spiritually. Affirmations, visualization, and major inspiration packed into this not-to-be missed episode. 


“All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” - Tolkein 




This is the second episode in our Chakra Soulcast Series. Make sure you have checked out the 1st episode in this series entitled, Chakras: The Rainbow Bridge Inside of You - Episode # 16. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for these upcoming “Soulcasts” where we will go chakra by chakra (one episode per each chakra) and you can learn even about this powerful mystical technology that blends Eastern Wisdom & Modern Day life so you can move towards more mystical mastery and mindfulness living.


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Did you know that there are potent spinning wheels of profound energy & potentiality within yourself known as “Chakras'' that process all of your lived experiences? In this 40 minute episode, discussed is an overview of what chakras are, their subtle body anatomy, and how knowing where they are and how to relate to them can shift your life in positive and significant ways. These energy processing centers live at the intersectionality of your body, breath, emotions, intuition and soul. At the end of this “Soulcast”, you will be led through a guided meditation on a journey to experience these powerful portals within your own being. *Note: This episode is the first in a series of 8 “Soulcast” episodes, detailing the chakras one-by-one and their unique empowerments, so be on the lookout for 7 more episodes on this topic to come!

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So often as humans, we traverse the earth looking for another to complete us, a soul mate, a twin flame. Or sometimes we are in romantic partnership, but are left feeling a continued sense of longing or dissatisfaction, even when our partners are pretty great. This 25 minute uplifting “Soulcast” is punctuated with some concrete practices you can use in your day-to-day life towards feeling more whole & complete.

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How the mystical art of astrology can interface in concrete ways into ALL of your relationships, including your relationship with yourself, in concrete ways. Knowing the key elements of your birth chart & of those you love can usher in harmony, understanding and healing with oneself & with that of others. Discussed is how we can use 12 key aspects of a chart to illuminate our daily lives in order to expedite growth & development on our life’s journey as well as find inspiration.

Show Notes:




There is ancient wisdom in astrology. What is an astrological “chart?” The energies & gifts that the challenges in our charts and lives reveal. Our relationship to ourself lays the foundation for our entire life.

How knowledge of your chart can help you see yourself differently and allow compassion to flow and knowing the info. in your loved ones’ chart can do the same.

Your sun is what you want, your moon is what you need and your rising is how you go about getting it.

Resources mentioned:

Top 12 things you should know about your chart and of those you love:

  1. Sun sign
  2. The House that your natal sun is in. 
  3. Moon sign. 
  4. Natal Moon phase:The backdrop to your life. astrocal.co.uk/find-out-your-moon-phase/ 
  5. The house that your natal moon is in: 
  6. Where your “progressed moon” is currently at by sign and house. 
  7. Mercury (including retrograde!) 
  8. Venus
  9. Mars
  10. Saturn - astrocal.co.uk/astro/astrology/saturn-return-calculator/
  11. Rising Sign
  12. The Nodes of the Moon

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The Universe, the unconscious part of our psyche, and our intuition sometimes speak to us in signs & symbols, archetypes & stories. Tarot Cards are a way of accessing valuable information about ourselves and our lives to support us & move us forward on our journey of growth & development. Covered in this fascinating & practical episode is how to choose & work with a deck in the most skillful way. Also broken down is the history of Tarot as well as the archetypes of the “famous cards” in a traditional European deck (i.e. the fool, the emperor, the priestess, the tower) called the ‘Major Arcana’ cards, and how they can teach you important lessons for your soul’s growth & your life’s work. Also covered is how to do a 3 card: Past, Present, & Future reading, if cards have meaning upside down, & how to find your “soul card” and “annual theme card” using numerology. 



  • 3 Pillar Decks of “Traditional” European Tarot:
  1. Rider-Waite Deck
  2. Tarot Marseille (french)
  3. Thoth by Aleister Crowley
  • Feminine Centered / Feminist Centered Deck

Mother Peace Traditional Tarot Deck (Feminist Angle) 



Michael McQueen, Expert Intuitive Tarot Card Reader & Psychic’s Info:



IG: @saintlytarotmystic

F-book: Sacred Eyes Tarot

In this Soulcast, Kilkenny offers some very interesting perspectives on times of transition & how we can resolve to make them sacred thresholds in concrete ways. Every day, month, year and even hour, are truly gateways through which we can uplevel our life if we are conscious of their potentiality and are willing to take some time to contemplate ALL the angles in the present moment in order to keep the perspectives of our lives & its challenges fresh. So whether you are on the precipice of a large transition or seemingly none, this episode will inspire you to integrate all parts of yourself and your life’s experience, and to use the challenges as well as the gains as a launching pad for your future goals in an enlightened way. FInd out how.

*Note: This episode ends with a sumptuous meditation that can be repeated again & again <3

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Website: https://www.modernmystic.love/

Yoga & Meditation Videos: 


In this dynamic episode, discussed are ways you can manage, fortify and amplify the energies around you and within. How to optimize energy in the spaces we live & work with a variety of strategies such as Feng Shui, herbs, crystals & more. Discussed are the differences between being an “Empath” and an “H.S.P.” (Highly Sensitive Person) or both! Also elucidated are tips on how to protect your own energy when working with others & how to develop one’s own intuition & psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience & clairaudience. Pathways into: past life regression work; connecting to our ancestors & calling in our spirit allies are also discussed as gateways of support to amplify & enhance the energy in our lives right now. This juicy conversation ends with a lovely 3 minute “Grounding Meditation” that incorporates “tapping” from the Emotional Freedom Technique healing modality which can be done daily.


Highly Sensitive Person Quiz https://hsperson.com/ 

Past Life Regression Session with Brian Weiss https://youtu.be/AvZLc4GfJEo 

Crystals www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-crystal-bible-judy-hall/1012522428

Alexa Houser: Intuitive Business Coach/ Healer/ Inner Bloom Podcast Co-Host  www.alexasoothes.com

In this empowering & fascinating episode, we discuss all things H2O from the scientific realms into the spiritual realms. Since our bodies & this planet are arguably more made up of water than any other element, we discuss many tactics & strategies to work with & deepen our relationship with water which can support enhanced physical, mental, sexual & energetic health.  

Topics include:

  • Water’s power to connect us with our gnosis & our self knowing
  • How to consciously work with water in day-to-day life 
  • How to create water rituals
  • Understanding water on a molecular level & as a liquid crystal: Structured (Healthy/Crystalline/Easy/Hexagonal) Water vs. Bulk (Dead) Water
  • What is the healthiest form of drinking water & where can we get it ?
  • The second sacral chakra & its connection to our sacred & sexual waters
  • The 3 different type of female orgasms 
  • The Lemurian Legend and maintaining the “Lemurian Frequency”  


Local Water Resources

Find a spring near you: findaspring.com 

What is in your tap water? : www.ewg.org/tapwater/


Water Filters: 




Raw Spring Water Service:

(East Coast) https://tourmalinespring.com/?rfsn=3276224.64492c

(West Coast) https://alivewaters.com/



What is Tantra? Why is it such a potent path for opening doorways of awareness and upleveling our lives in this modern day age? How can we apply its wisdom from working with both our pleasant & more challenging emotions and embrace all moments as doorways to the Divine? Why is Tantra often associated with sex? In this sumptuous conversation that I have with meditation master, intellectual powerhouse & former non-dual tantric monk, Sally Kempton, we also delve into the practices of working with Indian goddess & god energies to awaken qualities within ourselves and within our lives & relationships that we wish to engender. Also covered are strategies for starting, enlivening and/or continuing a meditation practice. 

*Bonus: the conversation concludes with a 9 minute tantric meditation that can be done separately as well and can become a daily support to your practice.

Sally’s Books:

“Meditation for the Love of It”

“Awakening Shakti”


In this riveting conversation I have with meditation master, intellectual powerhouse & former non-dual tantric monk, Sally Kempton, we discuss: the power of initiations; tapping into the invisible as well as the visible; the awakening of Kundalini Energy (one’s spiritual energy) & why meditate? Is there a difference between Mindfulness & Meditation and also what’s the difference between Religion & Spirituality? So many juicy topics are covered including how meditation opens up one’s intuition. 


Sally’s Books:

“Meditation for the Love of It”

“Awakening Shakti”


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