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Our throat & our voices are a powerful petri dish of alchemization. When we practice consciously refining our speech & our listening skills in tandem, then this powerful energy processing center that lives within us can flourish and our most authentic voice can be developed. Tips on how to decipher and work with both excesses and deficiencies in this potent chakra are offered as well as practical healing tools and stirring insights. When we recognize the toxic thoughts & stories we tell about ourselves and others such as prejudices, anxieties etc...then we can transform these “poisons” into elevated medicine to offer this world. Though words aren’t tangible, they are of such value when we practice aligning & refining them. Find your voice, claim your sound and let the music of it echo who you truly are. 

“Sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself.” - Miles Davis


Consider how stories you have heard about your childhood correlate to your chakra development. Sometimes empowering one chakra can help heal another. The chakra system is called “The Rainbow Bridge” and like all bridges, if one part of a bridge is broken, it can affect the rest of the structure. 

Some chakras are more like leading actors and can take a front seat in our lives and/or at certain epochs, and others can be more like best supporting actors. When we heal our wounds and unbalanced chakras, then they become sources from which we can serve the world with greater refinement. As humans, we are communicating constantly with our listening and our speaking capacities. Let this be a gentle reminder to not take these abilities for granted. This chakra’s domain lives in our physicality through our ears, nose and throat region. This is the energy hub center of communication. 

In Sanskrit the language of origin where this chakra system was midwifed, the name for this chakra is “Vissudha'' meaning “purification” or “refinement.” It has to do with the mindfulness of both listening and that of our speech.

One’s name is intrinsically connected to one’s truth. There can be both individual and collective wounding to a chakra. 

Spanda is the most common denominational energy of the Universe that pulses inward and outward. It is reflected in both the microcosm of our bodies and in the macrocosm in nature. 

The throat chakra is all about communication; our right to articulate and to hear the truth. It is associated with the color blue which vibrates at a pretty rapid frequency. The psychological stage during childhood development is from 7 - 12 years old and all about developing one’s self expression.

The challenge of this chakra is lies or deceit. 

Detailed are traumas/stressors for this chakra and ways to decipher if one has an excess of energy in this chakra or a deficiency. Tips for healing this chakra and how to bring this chakra into more balance are offered. Small consistent ways of being add up in the long haul & create transformation.

The idea and belief that the Universe was birthed from sound spans many traditions and cultures around the globe.

Associated with this chakra are:

  • Mercury and the day of the week, Wednesday 
  • The Sanskrit seed mantra “Ham”
  • The Indian Goddess, energy & archetype, Saraswati
  • The Indian God, energy & archetype, Shiva
  • Plant Medicine: eucalyptus peppermint, clementine, blue chamomile & hyssop
  • Gems & Rocks:  turquoise, celestite & soladite

Indicators that suggest you might have work to do with this chakra are detailed. Affirmations to support you in healing and bringing more balance into this chakra are given. Signs that this chakra is in balance for you are mentioned. 

The tale of Lord Shiva nicknamed, “Neela Kantha” the blue throated one and how his story is an invitation to you is offered. What poisons & stories of toxicity are ready to be offered out, spit up and alchemized into something more elevated?

Our throats & our voices are a powerful petri dish of alchemization. Though words aren’t tangible they are of such value when we practice aligning & refining them. Find your voice, claim your sound and let the music of it sound like who you truly are. 

Note: This is the sixth episode in our Chakra Soulcast Series. Make sure you have checked out the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th episodes in this series entitled:

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Stay tuned and be on the lookout for more upcoming “Soulcasts” where we will go chakra by chakra (one episode per each chakra) and you can learn even about this powerful mystical technology that blends Eastern Wisdom & Modern Day life so you can move towards more mystical mastery and mindfulness living.

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