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Ready to discover, download and refine your intuitive powers in service of living a more embodied life? Everyone (yes that includes YOU!) has psychic abilities & discussed in this compelling episode are concrete ways to build your psychic muscles & intuitive knowing which leads to living a more authentic life. Also downloaded in this fascinating interview is the sometimes grey area where psychic naissance & mental health challenges overlap. Various strategies of how to protect one’s own energy when interfacing with others are offered as well as an accessible guided meditation to connect with one of your Spirit Guides. From the power of healing one’s ancestral addictions/limitations to past life regression, this conversation will leave you inspired & informed.


Being a Modern Mystic is to be grounded and connected into this physical realm.

Top 3 exercises to do in order to develop psychic & intuitive abilities: 

  1. Automatic writing
  2. Feeling into your body, where is the “yes” and where is the “no?” Start by making smaller decisions in life and then grow towards bigger ones. The biggest part of growing our intuition is by honoring it.
  3. Automatic talking and starting with simple questions like, “what color is the sky?”

The ego has a function to keep us safe but ask yourself when its voice surfaces if it is beneficial or not. Pay attention to the voices in your head and when you mess us up or do something well, WHO is that voice attributed to….i.e. your 16 year old self, a parent? 

We are here to embrace discomfort and then move with it, not to avoid certain emotions.

It’s important to set boundaries with people and yes at times with spirits as well. Like with some people, you might only take what some spirits communicate with a “grain of salt” especially if this was the case when they were alive.

Be discerning when you go to any healers, psychics, mediums etc...as discerning as you would be to seek out a surgeon or a psychologist as like with any career, there is a gamut of skill level and they should be the right “fit.” Also you want to be sure the individual is proceeding with caution and using discernment when connecting with spirits, and that they are verifying whom they connect to is really whom you are seeking to connect to. 

3 ways to protect your own energy:

  1. Visualize an oval or circular protective bubble, egg shell or clam shell. It can be see through or solid depending upon if you want to see energy/world outside. It can be as big or small as you want; as close to you as you want and the key is knowing no one or nothing can get to you in it.
  2. Visualize a 2 way mirror if having a difficult conversation with a challenging individual and you can see the person but they are “seeing themself.” Especially good when interacting with self centered folks i.e. narcissists.
  3. Call in your protector guide(s)  (*listen to the meditation for this at the end of this conversation). Get as familiar with your protector guide(s) and spirit team through meditation, visualization and potentially working with others to help you do so if that is supportive. Simply by “asking” your guides for help and protection, they will assist, whether they are easy for you to access or not.

The Venn diagram of where psychic abilities and psychotic episodes can occur is real and important thing to know about and to distinguish. Spiritual awakening can be uncomfortable but an awakening will never be accompanied by voices telling you not to trust people or to do damage to yourself or to others. Whether someone is having an awakening or a mental health episode, there is NO shame in asking and receiving help. This is wise anytime you feel out-of-control. Sometimes a mental health episode that gets good support can lead to a spiritual breakthrough.

As you develop your psychic abilities, how you connect with spirits etc.. may change and morph. Adding information into your mind isn’t always the way to develop one’s intuition, it is often very much about shedding and becoming more receptive especially in this day and age with so much input.

Everyone has psychic abilities and the potential for mediumship. It is the limiting beliefs within ourselves that cuts off access. 

We always have free will and can change the outcome of something no matter what a psychic tells us. It can be precarious to put all the power into one person in any category of life. Great teachers, “gurus”, reflect back to ourself that the truest teacher lives within.

Phobias or neurosis we have can be a pivotal part of Past Life Regression Work to know and heal ourselves more fully. When we heal addiction patterns and thematic challenges for ourselves this heals it for both our ancestors and for the beings in our family moving forward.


Past Life Regression Session with Brian Weiss https://youtu.be/AvZLc4GfJEo 




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