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The third eye center is a powerful confluence of energy that has been acknowledged by many traditions and cultures. When we learn and develop the ability “to see” with more than our physical sight, then worlds of depth and magic reveal themselves within & without. Discussed are practical themes & concrete ways to work with this sometimes illusive chakra including developing our senses of perception, the recognition of patterns and the capacity to dream which allow this chakra to thrive and to flourish. Tips on how to decipher and work with both excesses and deficiencies in this potent chakra are offered as well as accessible healing tools and compelling insights. 

“Trust the dreams, for hidden in them is the gate to eternity.” - Kahlil Gibran


The “Ajna Chakra” is the 6th chakra in the chakra system which comes from the Indian tradition.

The 6th chakra is colloquially and commonly referred to as your “third eye” as it lives behind the space between your eyebrows in the region of the pineal gland in the forehead center. The entire chakra system which is made up of 7 spinning wheels of energy called chakras, lives at the intersectionality of our physical bodies, our energetic bodies and our psyches (and if you haven’t yet heard our Intro to the Chakras: The Rainbow Bridge Inside of You - Episode #16, definitely give that episode a listen for more details on the overall system in its entirety). 

The association of this throat chakra with the pineal gland. Balancing this chakra might help with sleep cycles and circadian rhythms.

Within our bodies there are 3 main “nadis” or rivers of energy:

-Ida, lunar and associated with the Divine Feminine within 

-Pingala, solar and associated with the Divine Masculine within 

-Sushumna, associated with running on the same access as our spine 

These rivers of energy within criss cross one another and flow from the root chakra, Muladhara (Episode #17 - Root Chakra: Grow Your Roots & Ground Your Chit) to this 6th chakra which make it a powerful point of confluence where the 3 energies merge into one stream of consciousness where they flow up to the 7th sahasrara chakra. Parenthetically in India, the lineage from which the chakra system comes from, it is said these 3 nadis or rivers of energy within the body are represented in the outer 3 great rivers of India called the Ganga (associated with Ida), Jamuna (Pingala) and Saraswati (a subterranean current associated with Sushumna). 

When we focus and bring our attention which is one of our most powerful currencies, to this point where our energies converge and focus on it, we too become purified, meaning we can release what is not in alignment with our most aligned self and when we do this doorways and gateways open to us in the way of our perceptions, our memories, our imaginations and our abilities of perception.

Kahil Gibran who wrote the most exquisite book called the Prophet said, “Trust the dreams, for hidden in them is the gate to eternity.” - Kahlil Gibran

“Ajna” is sometimes translated as ”to command.” It is about trusting in dreams and one’s sense of perception. What is your level of engagement with your imagination? How is your memory and how are your recall capacities? How is your sleep going and what is your dream life like? 

The 6th chakra is about developing our senses of perception even if we think we suck at them because when we do, insights and the recognition of patterns which lead to deep wisdom opens up to us…...and you live life like someone left the gate open for you beginning to trust in yourself even more and in your dreams!

It lives in the space between your eyebrows as your “third eye.” 

Its basic right is to see what is really going on and the “big picture.”

It's about seeing all levels of reality. When we are told things we see aren’t real, and our intuitions are discounted this can cause imbalances within this chakra as both kids and adults. It is all about trusting and working with one’s intuition and imagination. Associated with the element light. It is also associated with the color Indigo.

It is activated and grows during adolescence and it deals with the ability to recognize patterns and esoteric questions such as, “Who I am? Why am I here?” In adult chakra development, it’s about turning towards wanting to have more profound inner development. Travel, renewed study, trainings and circumstances that reflect back to us patterns within ourselves are paramount and of interest. Studying dreams and exploring past life regression and inner child work can be helpful to balance this chakra.

The “chakra challenge” is illusion & separateness. Traumas that involve an invalidation of what you see or intuit might benefit from activities working with the right and left sides of the body and integrating both halves of body and brain together. 

Excesses and deficiencies and ways to support the healing of this chakra are discussed to bring it back into balance.

When the stakes are low, tune into how you get information from your inner GPS. Develop it like a muscle.

Lavender, sage, rosemary, ylang ylang are plant medicine and oils associated with this chakra. Saturday and the planet of Saturn are as well. Opal, Azurite and Lapis Lazuli are the gems associated with this chakra as is the devi, Krishna.

If our “lower” 4 chakras are well developed, this chakra will be well supported. 

6th Chakra Imbalance Thought Litmus Test & 6th Chakra Affirmations are shared.

This chakra is depicted as a 2 petaled lotus flower (representing Shiva and Shakti, the divine Masculine and Feminine aspects within each human) along with a circle representing the concept of “Shunya” which appears in Buddhism as well as various Eastern streams referring to the void, dark velvety realm of magic and deepest knowing. There is an inverted triangle within the circle, representing the feminine, creative energy. Above it is a black phallic symbol that depicts the astral body. The astral body is said to be connected to our personality. 

“Purification” is refinement and evolution of one’s own consciousness. The “Buddhi” which is the aspect of our minds that can see the big picture and discern all that we DO have in the way of blessings. We practice remembering. “Eagle Vision” known as “Upeskha.” 

Meditation: Practicing “Shambhavi Mudra” the space behind the eyes.

Practice tuning into your intuition when the stakes aren’t high and develop fun games and/or practices to do so. Study the patterns in nature (such as the Fibonacci sequence) and this unlocks the patterns in our mind, hearts and bodies.

If you open your third eye, then the whole world reveals its magical secrets to you and you understand that YOU are one of them!

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for more upcoming “Soulcasts” where we will go chakra by chakra (one episode per each chakra) and you can learn about this powerful technology that blends Eastern Wisdom & Modern Day life so you can move towards more mystical mastery and mindfulness living.

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