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As humans, we navigate many difficult experiences in our lives. Yet as fully embodied students of life & conscious seekers, how can we not bypass integrating these harder experiences such as trauma by finding meaning in them? Discussed is how to leverage the wisdom of western psychology AND spiritual practices, and then ultimately offer the lessons learned from our challenges to benefit others. This episode also includes riveting conversation as to what is “Shadow Work” and why is it so beneficial? Also offered is how timeless practices can live in us, as us, & through us as we adapt & interpret them for this moment in time. Learn in this fascinating episode where science and soul overlap.

Show Notes:

Guest: Ashley Turner ashleyturner.org

Peter Levine: https://traumahealing.org/about-us/ 

Polyvagul Nerve Theory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyvagal_theory 

Book: The Body Keeps Score www.besselvanderkolk.com/resources/the-body-keeps-the-score

Ariel Spilsbury holographicgoddess.com/about/?v=f24485ae434a 


Psyche means “soul” in Latin and “ology” means the study of. Depth psychology and Jungian psychology based in humanistic movement which holds a human has infinite potential. How do we seek that potential?

Much like birth, death, and trauma, any kind of pain or suffering can be a doorway. Trauma can act as the crack where the light gets in.

The Wound is where the light enters. - Rumi 

Only the wounded physician heals. - Jung 

The Hero/Heroine’s Journey, the Monomyth & it’s stages.

People can have very similar experiences and have very different responses to them. It’s all relative, and no one is right or wrong, better or worse. It’s just for us to know ourselves and do that healing work. Trauma, pain, suffering or death can be a portal into our psyche & into the precise raw magical world of the soul. The conversation and the work ultimately is all you (your human Self/lower mind) with you (your spiritual Self/higher mind).

How do you integrate all of these different facets of who you are and allow for all of that expression so we are living, integrated Beings? Spiritual maturation holds the idea that an experience can simultaneously be magical and traumatic.”

When we are in those moments up against our most raw self, it’s very surreal, but wakes us up to the magic of life and to the realm that is ineffable.

The journey of the Mystic is to be comfortable and reside in the not knowing.

Carl Jung’s concepts of:

- Tension of Opposites 

- Transcendent Function

When you allow yourself to sit in the unknown, you elevate and eventually transcend into a different paradigm where different questions are being asked all together.

The big key is how can we begin to see things through the eyes of Spirit, through the eyes of the Mystic? So we begin to ask very different questions. It’s not, “why me?” but “what am I here to learn?” & “what can I bring back to be a service because of those lessons and teachings?”

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