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Want to create more meaning, connection & magic into your life? In this compelling episode discussed are the different types of rituals and how one can integrate them into the fabric of one’s life which benefits the nervous system as well as one’s psychological and spiritual health. Rituals are a bridge that allow us to pause and connect to the sanctity of life and to integrate the depth of our experiences in meaningful & wise ways. Included are tips to midwife both micro & macro rituals as well as a short guided meditation that you can use in your day-to-day life.


Being a Modern Mystic is to experience this planet of a place of magic. The trees, the waters, the stars and everything around us radiates magic and when we choose to practice living this way with simple reverence for all of these things and for our existence, we are dancing with the divine. We realize we aren’t the choreographers and don’t run the dance, but we can participate in the dance. 

Imagination is a gateway to experiencing the sacred. It is the bridge to spirit and to that which lies beneath and beyond the surface. Kids have great access to their imaginations especially until the age of 7 or 8. They often start to digest mass culture messages about magic and imagination so like adults, very helpful to help them continue to connect to and develop it.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” ~ Albert Einstein

2 Types of Ritual:

  1. Maintenance - Things we do daily, or consistently that keep us centered and thread us to what we believe and to Source.
  2. Radical - A ritual with the intention of change.

Things to consider when creating a ritual:

  • Do I want a witness or people around me?
  • Start off keeping ritual actions simple. It’s our ascribing meaning to them which creates their power.

Rites of passage such as a coming of age (around menstruation or at 13), beginnings, endings or shifting of things such changing jobs, careers, marriages, divorces, seasons, living spaces, retiring, pregnancy, marriage or simply letting go or inviting new ways of being into one’s life. Think of approaching milestones that feel important. Or maybe you want to invoke reverence and connection to nature, or to a political or social cause you feel passionate about. Ideas for rituals can include creating a threshold to walk through delineating the before and after experience. Ritual can also be seen as enacting what is going on on the inside psychologically, on the out.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel like one knows what to do when about to have a big experience. There is SUCH a craving for this brave work in our modern day world to say, “I want a ritual.” All people who partake in ritual are fed by it, not just the person whom the ritual is featuring. Be creative and see what you feel drawn towards doing and yet, also be mindful of appropriation and know the source of where impulses are coming from if you are inspired to do things you’ve seen or heard about.

Beginner ritual tip: It’s a VERY good idea to start simply and to not over complicate. Then you can see where that expands naturally. Are ideas for creating a ritual comfortable to me, achievable to me, and not taking direspetcably from another tradition. Other people are fed by the central person in ritual. It can be healing for all with its gravitas, beauty and permission to others to pause when they have a parallel experience.

Day to day ideas for a morning ritual : water ritual (just thank the water as you drink a glass of it). Micro rituals count as rituals don’t have to be long . They can change relationships to water, politics and to the world around you. One thing a day like giving thanks for sunshine and air as you pause to acknowledge the sacredness & magic of it. Also the practice of leaving worries at the door every time you enter the house can be a sweet one.

As you start simple (meaningful and small) and it can ultimately burgeon into something bigger or not. Once it grows, you could invite others in to go from a maintenance ritual into radical level ritual.

Start the day with sacred action: prayer, offering, incense or offering breakfast to spirits of the Universe. Many people struggle with looking at their phones as the first action of the day. This jolts the nervous system. Instead, protect first the sacred moments of the day as sacred moments and refrain from technology as your first actions of engagement. Many traditions hold how the morning is an opportunity to set the tone for your day; be conscious of what the first moments are and start with a sacred beginning. Walk to a window, look outside and take 3 breaths before stepping into the tangible, material facts of our lives.

Various healing and spiritual traditions talk about how it’s a psychological and spiritual deep nervous system deep reset opportunity to set the tone of a new day in this mindful way. If we jump onto technology, we go from relax and restore mode to fight flight freeze. After sleep we are closer to remembering our dance with the Divine and our intuition.

Ritual heals our nervous system from a psychological perspective. 

Dreams are a whole other branch of engaging with the gateway of imagination and other realms. Consider keeping a dream journal under your bed to record dreams. In dreams we access pathways to the liminal realms.

Rituals surrounding death are powerful and important. Death and conversations surrounding it are not always processed or normalized in some modern cultures like the US. For people close to dying, you can gather things that remind you of them and items that bring them close to you. Light a candle that represents Spirit or Love, and hold vigil. Sit with memories of this person, sing and talk aloud to them. You can bridge your imagination capacity of your energy to travel to places you can’t physically go to be with them! Our hearts are with them and treating your ritual time as if you are with them is a powerful act that matters to you both!

For people who’ve passed, continue to honor them. Halloween/Samhain for many places in the northern hemisphere due to the relationship with season (all crops are harvested and the earth going into winter mode) is a point in time that has been acknowledged in many lands as close to spirit. You can pick a certain time of the year to gather pictures of family and even political or creative people you admire. Tell stories and talk about them. Say their names and/or offer them gifts. Look at their faces and in doing so you bring their energy into the present moment. You could also honor loved ones who have passed over on the day they were born or the day they passed. Rituals created like these integrate and normalize death as transitional times to be honored with full reverence and attention.

There is so much we can’t see but can feel. Death is a hard and sad part of it but it is an  important portal that can help us understand the world of spirit and ritual allows us to feel we can maintain a relationship with loved ones who have crossed. Death is part of the cycle of nature and if we bypass its lessons and ritualization, we miss out on this phase of life’s curriculum.

The proliferation and popularity of terms for healers and people who hold deep wisdom such as herbalists, witches, wizards, shamans and healers. These traditions all have the common denominator of helping people live with more compassion and connection to sacred aspects of nature and of themselves, and offer the sense of how our own lives are intricately connected with all beings on the planet. They help people to find healing and meaning sometimes desperately needed.

“Feminism” in healing and mystic circles of collective consciousness and the usage of this term isn’t always happening yet. The claiming and reclamation of this important word and its understanding, definition and belief which is equality for all genders . Still in this world we do not have equality or justice for women, and it’s a huge issue still. It could be because especially white feminist have been gatekeepers of spirituality in the west at least and that’s been painful for people not white. Feminism might have felt code for not trans inclusive either historically. It is important to be sensitive to these aforementioned points. “Intersectional Feminism” great word to use to honor this history.

Gender identity is one aspect of lived experience. What it means to be a woman changes with cultural heritage, race and socio-economic status. Trans-inclusive and anti-racism intersectional feminism engages with the value of all women’s lives, and the holiness of being a woman as we work to reclaim and refine our collective experience of this word.

The reemergence of Goddess archetypes and focus in various traditions all over the world is prevalent in many mindfulness and mystical communities. The power of working Goddesses and Gods and how to do so from another culture. There is so much Greek mythology in American pop culture but next to nothing from other cultures in the world in the US. Contemplate what are the other goddesses of the moon like Artemis? Research and ask yourself, who else is out there and what else is out there? Your ancestors have beautiful ancestral belief systems and lineages and this studying helps us to see each other in the here and now and our roots in doing so. Bringing them into ritual can be very healing and inclusive. We can research these and explore ancestral lines, archetypes and energy within them. Gods AND Goddess work and integration into practices can be profound!

Magic Meditation: Breath IN the magic of all of creation. Breath OUT your own sacred magic.

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